Veteran QB Solomon as experienced as they come

When Jarrett "Anu" Solomon takes the field for the final game of his high school career, it will be his 60th start as Bishop Gorman (Nev.) High's quarterback. To play 15 games in a high school season, a team probably needs to advance to the state championship, as the regular season typically lasts between 10 and 12 games.

As a freshman, Solomon was the starter for the first game of the 2009 season; on Dec. 1, he will start in his fourth consecutive state championship. If the star quarterback properly executes Gorman's dizzying hybrid attack, Solomon will hoist his fourth state championship trophy. Very few players play 60 varsity high school football games. Even fewer start all 60 under center.

Gaels' head coach Tony Sanchez admitted that Solomon walked into a perfect situation his freshman season. His team was stacked at several positions -- but not at quarterback. Sanchez had to decide between a sophomore linebacker and a true freshman to lead his team.

Sanchez chose the freshman.

"This is a kid that has been blessed with a lot of great gifts: an incredibly strong arm, a great sense of competitiveness and a lot of mental toughness," said Sanchez. "In football, he just has a great ability to see plays and extend them. He's done such a tremendous job."

As a result, Solomon is a veteran quarterback in a complex offense, which is a rarity in the high school ranks.

"Now, if we get into a tough situation in the game, we can fall back on something that maybe we hadn't spent a whole lot of time on that week and execute it," Sanchez said. "That's something that is pretty rare in high school. You'll find it in college, but being able to fall back on packages in high school is great. He does just as good a job with the offense as I do."

It's nearly impossible to claim one school has the "most explosive" offense in high school football -- there are more than 25,000 teams in the nation, after all -- but Bishop Gorman makes a compelling case. The Gaels have scored at least 70 points in four different games this season, and their lowest point total was 27 -- a game they still won against one of the nation's top teams, Our Lady of Good Counsel (Md.) High.

Prior to this season, Bishop Gorman had racked up more than 3,000 passing yards and 4,000 rushing yards in every season Solomon has started. In 2012, the Gaels have recorded more than 6,000 yards of offense. Solomon's numbers are mind-boggling, but it's not merely the product of a five-wide pass-happy system. Sanchez lauds his quarterback's ability to manage the game, check into runs and make great reads.

Last year's starting running back Shaquille Powell (who is now at Duke) amassed eye-popping numbers and junior Nathan Starks is already one of the hottest names in the Class of 2014. When the defense loads up to stop players of their caliber, Solomon has excelled at exploiting them.

Solomon will head to Arizona to play under coach Rich Rodriguez next season. The offense there strongly resembles the attack that Solomon has led for four years. Rodriguez's offense will allow him to throw darts on screen passes and underneath routes that Solomon has perfected over his four-year career. It's not all dink-and-dunk, though. Arizona currently also boasts the nation's leading rusher (Ka'Deem Carey), who usually opens up the field for quarterback Matt Scott to throw the ball downfield.

Rodriguez's offense has been difficult for some quarterbacks to master, but Solomon should fit right in.

After all, he's pretty experienced already.

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